2. When is a spotter required?

Study the slides above and click complete when finished.

Facilitator to briefly explain each section as follows:

General Information – introduction to spotting

When is a spotter required? – explains situations when a spotter is required

Roles & Responsibilities – defines responsibilities for the spotter, the operator and other ground workers

Avoiding Common Mistakes – reviews common mistakes made during spotting and how to avoid them

Safe Spotting Fundamentals – rules of conduct to follow when spotting

Hazard Awareness – typical equipment hazards to be aware of

8. and 9. Equipment Blind Spots – diagrams demonstrating areas around the equipment that the operator has limited or no visibility of

10. Overhead power lines – precautions to take if spotting equipment near or under overhead powerlines

Practical exercises – activities to perform with the spotter to demonstrate hazards and practice spotting techniques

 Best practices – practices the operator can implement


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