Innovative Safety Solutions

Your trusted fractional safety partner.

In today’s ever-changing safety and regulatory environments, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for small and mid-sized organizations to maintain standards and compliance. For many, the cost to staff and maintain a safety department is simply too expensive and resource-heavy, leaving businesses exposed to audits by regulatory agencies and unsafe work practices on the job. That’s where we come in.

Our approach is simple and straight-forward, with an emphasis on finding the most affordable and suitable solutions for your business.

We’re equipped to handle all of your safety and regulatory needs today, while providing the foundation and accountability to handle the needs of tomorrow.


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We offer basic and advanced safety services customized to meet your company’s specific safety needs including customizable training, field safety consulting and ongoing safety program management. Our experienced safety professionals will evaluate your current safety program and provide consultation to enable your organization to achieve the next level of safety.

Core Values

Our core values not only define us as a company but also reflect the essence of each individual within our organization.

Safety Excellence

Prioritize and uphold the highest standards of safety in all operations, fostering a secure environment for clients, their workforce, and the community.

Continuous Innovation

With a culture of improvement and innovation, we stay ahead of industry trends to provide cutting-edge services, whether online or in-person.

Collaborative Partner

Cultivate strong, collaborative relationships with clients, serving as a dedicated partner in their safety journey, ensuring a tailored approach that goes beyond.

a commitment to Excellence

Our journey is rooted in the belief that every workplace, particularly in construction and oil & gas, deserves the highest level of protection. As your trusted partner, we bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that your projects not only meet regulatory compliance but also excel in safety performance. 

From comprehensive OSHA training programs to dedicated safety oversight, we are the guardians of your worksite, empowering your team to thrive in an environment where safety is paramount.

Stag Safety helps facilitate business growth by integrating top-tier safety solutions, fostering a robust workforce, and reducing HR expenses.

“At Stag Safety, we want to help position our customers for scalability, continued compliance and an ongoing safety-first culture. We’re passionate about helping save time, resources and money by providing a trusted, outsourced alternative to an otherwise expensive and highly specialized department.”

Brandon McCurry

CEO of Stag Safety