DOT Operator Qualifications (OQ)

Ensuring Operator Qualification is crucial for the safety of your employees and communities, and navigating the process can be intricate. Stag Safety is here to alleviate the complexity.

The OQ Experts

Federal regulations mandate energy pipeline operators to establish an Operator Qualification (OQ) Plan and Program, aiming to minimize human error and safeguard life and property. Explore proven industry solutions that offer pipeline operators a straightforward and effective route to compliance.

Stag Safety is a certified evaluator for: 

  • NCCER – The National Center for Construction Education and Research
  • EWN – Energy WorldNet
  • Veriforce – Veriforce Authorized Evaluators
  • OQSG – Operator Qualification Solutions Group
  • ITS – Industrial Training Services

Dot pipeline OQ

Within our Operator Qualification offering, our Evaluators (or instructors) journey to the client’s site at a mutually agreed-upon time. The client holds the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to their specific requirements, choosing the course topics. Stag Safety ensures the qualification of operators at the client’s designated location. Our evaluators are available to travel to you anytime, anywhere, 24/7, 364 days a year.

Our expert evaluators are available when and where you need them. Freely schedule training and evaluations at our Fort Worth training facility or choose to have our evaluators travel directly to your location.

Stag Safety teams bring all the equipment necessary to create real-world simulations for observation and evaluation. The ability to bring our evaluation center to you, regardless of location, will save your company valuable time, resources, and money.

Administrative OQ Services

Stag Safety is ready and well-equipped to function as your internal OQ Department. A well-managed OQ Department is pivotal to your success, akin to the importance of a robust Safety Program. We are proficient in overseeing all facets of your Operator Qualification requirements, including:

  • Formulate a company-specific OQ Plan
  • Engage in communication with Pipeline Operators, addressing project task lists, compliance issues, and more, as needed.
OQ TRaining

Mandatory under prevailing pipeline safety regulations, Operator Qualification Training (OQ) is a requirement for the secure transportation of hazardous liquids and gases via pipelines. Compliance with the Department of Transportation’s (PHMSA) guidelines is essential, placing the responsibility for qualifying pipeline operators on private pipelines and pipeline contractors. Stag Safety’s Operator Qualification program is meticulously crafted to align with the Department of Transportation’s Operator Qualification ruling (reference 49 CFR 192 Subpart N; 49 CFR 195 Subpart G), encompassing contract personnel serving as an operator’s representative (third-party evaluators).

Certified Evaluators

It requires experienced and thorough oversight to comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations, as well as the rules and regulations governing 49 CFR 192 & 195. Stag Safety has the resources and knowledge you need to ensure compliance for your organization:

  • OQ Plan Review or Development
  • Procedure Review or Development
  • Gap Analysis
  • DOT Audit Assists

Ready to get started?

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