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Field Safety Consulting

Your Partner in the Field

Our goal is to protect your workers and all of the other assets of your company from possible risks in the office and especially in the field.

Certified Safety Consultants

Invaluable support for major project reviews, safety culture surveys, accident investigation, safety management and many other forms of assistance.


Safety Audits

Audits and assessments for Confined Space Entry (CSE), Machine Guarding, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), OSHA Recordkeeping, Fall Protection, and more.

Site Inspections

Stag Safety will regularly conduct safety inspections of your company’s facilities and/or job sites to ensure compliance and identify of any operational hazards.

"At Stag Safety, we want to help position our customers for scalability, continued compliance and an ongoing safety-first culture. We're passionate about helping save time, resources and money by providing a trusted, outsourced alternative to an otherwise expensive and highly specialized department."

Brandon McCurry, Founder

Interested in a free safety consultation?

Your trusted safety partner providing tailored solutions customized to meet your company’s specific safety needs.

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